Brooklyn Dispensary and MedMen Brooklyn Dispensary

With recreational weed legal in New York, there are now a wide variety of curated weed shops around the city. From the upscale ambiance of MedMen on Fifth Avenue to the community-focused approach at Citiva in Brooklyn Dispensary, each storefront offers a distinct experience and unique selection of cannabis products.

Explore Brooklyn’s Premier Dispensary: Your Gateway to Cannabis

In Park Slope, Matawana Dispensary is the first Black and women-owned legal cannabis shop in Brooklyn. Owner Leeann Mata is one of the “justice-impacted individuals” New York City Mayor Eric Adams has prioritized for a legal marijuana dispensary license, and the store’s euphoric vibes are a testament to her dedication to her customers.

The bright blue space on the corner of 85 Suydam Street in Greenpoint is a hip and inviting alternative to the more clinical atmosphere of most medical dispensaries in New York. Comfortable central seating and freestanding product displays without dividers make this cannabis shop feel more like a lounge than an actual storefront. High ceilings and soft lighting keep the space feeling light and open even during peak hours.

As for the inventory, it’s expansive and high-quality. The store carries flower strains like Sour Diesel, Gary Payton, Gelato, and Colorado Chem, plus edibles, vapes, and concentrates from organic New York-based brands like Packwoods, Rove, Zizzle, and Sheba Baby.

Gifted BK is a reliable and convenient stop for those looking to buy legal weed in Brooklyn. The store has something for everyone, and their online menu includes a wide variety of products including flowers, edibles, vape juice, topicals, and accessories.

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