Rodent Control Whittlesea

Rodents cause serious damage to structures in homes and businesses. They also contaminate food and spread disease. They are renowned for chewing through wiring, leading to electrical fires. They may even ruin woodwork and other expensive structural installations. Rodent control Whittlesea are a nuisance, and a rodent infestation is not easy to eradicate without professional help.

Will pest control get rid of rats?

Rodent control Whittle sea includes preventative measures to keep rodents away from properties. These include clearing garbage, weeds and debris from the garden area and storing materials such as logs and compost in rodent-proof containers. Regular mopping and vacuuming will also prevent pests from infesting the property. Emptying trash bins daily and keeping them covered with a lid is another important prevention measure.

In addition, it is advisable to use spring traps in outbuildings and in the home. Place traps in a ‘T’ shape against baseboards and walls where rub marks or signs of rodent activity are evident. Avoid using bait such as tinned or dried foods or pet food, which can attract rats and other pests. Always use a rubber or plastic glove when handling dead rodents, traps and rodent droppings to reduce exposure to germs. Thoroughly wash hands after handling.

If you notice a sign of a rodent problem, contact a local rodent control company for assistance. These professionals have the expertise to eliminate the problem and prevent it from occurring again. They can also advise you on ways to minimise future problems. They can provide a range of treatments including sprays and baits. Some providers also offer a one-time seasonal sweep of the premises to seal up holes and cracks and prevent pests from entering.

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