School Playground Toys

school playground toys

School playground equipment should be designed to stimulate kids’ minds while they engage their bodies. Playground games like mazes and traditional playground markings will help them think creatively while teeter-totters, spring toys and climbers allow them to exert their physical energy. Find out

These types of equipment also promote sensory development and socialization. Adding interactive pieces to your playground can give students the chance to interact with each other and work together in ways that aren’t possible in a classroom setting. Musical instruments, such as the Concerto Vibes xylophone, are another non-traditional option that can be used to encourage social interaction. They offer a fun, inclusive experience for all students regardless of their ability level.

“Inclusive Play: Designing Outdoor Playground Equipment for Special Educational Needs

Swings are a playground staple, and there are lots of options available. Some are flat and short, while others are wavy or even feature gates for safety. One popular type is a swing glider that lets kids sit in a seat and move across platforms, teaching them how to balance their weight and move their body in the air.

If your playground is small or surrounded by other structures, a merry-go-round may be a good fit for your space. You can opt for the classic version that spins each child individually or go with a larger model that accommodates multiple riders at once. Rings are another fun addition that can be used to simulate gymnastic moves and strengthen upper body muscles. Another option is the tetherball pole, which lets kids hit the ball back and forth with their hands.

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