FunGuyz Mushrooms Montreal Opens Despite Prohibition

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As the popularity of champignon microdose grows, so too do questions about how to work and live with them. The fungi, commonly known as “magic mushrooms,” are not legal in Canada and are classified as Schedule III drugs, meaning that their production, sale and possession are prohibited.

Despite the legalities, entrepreneurs are launching mushroom dispensaries across the country. The Vancouver-based Therapsil has run a couple of illegal weed dispensaries, embarked on a national campaign last year to give away 5 million cannabis seeds and even mailed grams of weed to Liberal politicians. But this is the first time it’s been involved with mushrooms, and its founder, Ben Larsen, says he’s not worried about enforcement.

Tripping in La Belle Ville: A Journey into Montreal’s Shroom Culture

His business, FunGuyz, opened in Montreal Tuesday selling pills, dried mushrooms and chocolate bars all containing psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. The store opened despite warnings from the city and its mayor that it would be shut down, and just hours after opening police raided the location and made four arrests.

But Larsen is confident he can avoid the same fate as the other locations, which are tolerated in Ontario where they’re licensed to sell medicinal psychedelics. He says he plans to file a constitutional challenge against prohibition, which he thinks the courts will win.

He says microdosing is a popular trend among his customers because it lets them enjoy the effects of mushrooms without becoming completely intoxicated. He estimates he makes $50,000 in sales each month, and his online store is expanding quickly.

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